our spa

No need to travel to Fiji to experience an oasis of tranquility, natural beauty and wellness. It’s here at Hidden Gem..

   We have been in the spa industry for 10 years.  Since opening our new location in 2017 and going mobile in 2019, our mission has been relaxation and wellness in all we do and remains all the more so today.

We provide a sanctuary from stress, a healing touch, a kind word, a place to reconnect. 
We set an example of love and respect for the earth-ocean.

   We invite you to experience wellness in the most scenic and oceanic setting imaginable. Our Spa offerings are unique & unforgettable. Using pure sustainable, natural ingredients we protect the environment-ocean, your health and vitality while showcasing the most healing treasures our atmosphere has to offer. A luxuriously nourishing and therapeutic approach to skincare that combines the finest natural botanicals with the latest advances in skin technology. We only use skincare products directly from the Pacific Ocean, where its formulated with the best breakthrough ingredients, and without any harmful additives, to restore, renew and transform skin to awaken your natural beauty. 

   We are electronics-free in our suites, meaning simply that guests must refrain from using cell phones, laptops, tablets, kindles and cameras in those areas. Think of it as permission to disconnect. We have our lobby designated for quiet conversation. The goal is for you to slow down and fully experience this oasis of calm. Your place to rebalance and recharge. And isn’t that what we all long for in our lives?

We know the REAL difference between us and everyone else.....It is the passion of the people that work here, in our all--inclusive oasis. We embrace the joy of wellness in our own lives, so we care intensely about yours.

WE VALUE QUALITY over quantity